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"Fake Beauty" & "Fat Free"

Dying To Be Beautiful Mystery Series

Fake Beauty & Fat Free

Book 3: "Fake Beauty"
Book 4: "Fat Free"

Dying To Be Beautiful
Mystery Series

Book 3 - Chapter 1
Book 4 - Chapter 1
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Fake Beauty The author of best-selling book, Looking Beautiful, isn't looking so beautiful. Out in The Hamptons, the dead body of Jordan Kennedy is found stuffed into the window of a local bookstore, which was then set on fire—burning Jordan along with copies of her book. She was supposed to do a book signing, but it seems someone has murdered her instead.

Fat Free Marcus D'Elroy has spent the morning of every New Year's Day combing The Hamptons beaches with his metal detector. He does it to remember his father and the activity they once shared before his dad's untimely death. This particular first day of the year, Marcus finds something frightening and disturbing: a dead body, covered in a large gold satin scarf.

For tough and glamorous Private Investigator Jenna Preston, murder in The Hamptons is becoming all too common, especially with so many people dying to be beautiful. Fortunately, Jenna has the help of her Irish Setter, Watson. She's got two new mysteries to solve— and quickly—before someone else ends up dead, thanks to the multi-million-dollar world of beauty and the things people will do to attain it.

"The Senior Sleuths"

Dick and Dora Zimmerman
...With Zero...The Bookie

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Fake Beauty & Fat Free

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